Why Social Media

Social Media Defined

Social Media is a blanket term used to describe any of several online platforms that use the technology of the internet to facilitate social interaction, be it written, visual or audible.

Examples of Social Media include:

  • Blogs – The Huffington Post; Mashable
  • Microblogs – Twitter, Tumblr
  • Podcasts – downloadable thru Audible and iTunes
  • Forums – got a topic? There are discussion boards
  • Visual Media – flickr; vimeo; youtube
  • Social Networks – facebook; Pinterest; LinkedIn

The use of Social Media as a marketing tool is growing more prominent and effective for promoting products and services to a targeted audience.

Websites function as a static billboard highlighting your business. Social Media sites function as a gateway to dynamic dialogue between your business and targeted audiences and customers. Social Media allows for interaction and personal connection.

"Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people." - William Butler Yeats

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